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The Cape Light Compact has submitted a revised aggregation plan after holding public hearings. This is in response to a suggestion from DOER that in the thirteen years since the original plan was submitted there have been significant changes in the way the CLC operates.  The DPU subsequently held a public hearing on the plan.

Most of the changes relate to new laws governing the operation of the compact, and new names for the majority of Massachusetts agencies and private companies with whom the compact deals.

There are three significant changes to the plan that reflect the current mode of doing business.
1) Contracts for energy supply are approved by a single procurement officer rather than by approval of the towns involved. This was necessitated by the fact of life in the energy business that most offers expire at the end of the day and this does not allow for an involved approval process.
2) The Compact has recently adopted an process whereby expenditures are approved through an appropriation process.
3) The Compact has a requirement for preparation of annual independent financial statements by auditor.